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Design Inspiration:
Our clients yearned for a bathroom that would transport them to the serene landscapes of Hawaii every time they stepped inside. We drew inspiration from the Hawaiian islands’ natural beauty, incorporating elements such as warm, rich wood textures and a connection to the surrounding garden, making it an integral part of the design.

Locally Sourced Wood:
The fundamental element of this project was wood, and more wood. We committed ourselves to sourcing all the wood materials locally, not only to reduce our carbon footprint but also to ensure authenticity in capturing the essence of the location. This decision allowed us to support the local community while enriching the design with unique, sustainable materials.

Layout and Space Optimization:
Creating an efficient and aesthetically pleasing layout was paramount. Our team meticulously designed the space to maximize functionality and the feeling of openness. We considered the bathroom’s connection to the garden extension, ensuring a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Fixture and Lighting Selection:
Working closely with the owners, we handpicked fixtures and lighting elements that would enhance the Hawaiian ambiance. An earthy color palette were chosen to evoke the islands’ organic charm. The lighting, carefully positioned to create a calming atmosphere, mimics the soft, filtered sunlight found beneath a tropical canopy.

Design Visualization:
To bring our vision to life and ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction, we provided a comprehensive package of design visuals. This included 2D floorplans for precise spatial understanding, drop ceiling plans for accurate lighting placement, and immersive 3D renderings to allow our clients to step into the space virtually before it was built.

In conclusion, the creation of this Hawaiian Inspired Bathroom in a tropical garden extension was a truly rewarding endeavor. By embracing the natural beauty of the location and using locally sourced wood as our guiding design element, we’ve succeeded in crafting a harmonious oasis that captures the spirit of Hawaii. This project not only showcases the power of design to transform spaces but also highlights the importance of sustainability and community involvement in creating meaningful environments.

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